• Ambition, etc.

Don't Stop Believing

This is one of my all time favorite songs. But, songs hit differently when you are experiencing the similarities manifested. Recently, I was overlooked for a substantial opportunity and I had a second where my emotions ran so rampant that I felt out of it. Luckily, I have a core group of individuals who are readily available to help me make sense of things. Once I processed my emotions, listened to sound advice from my tribe, I feel back to self. And back to self always heightens my sense of understanding and creativity. This song literally just came to me. Don't stop believing!

Having said awl of this ....


Yep! It's always a minute. But I realize Ambition is my brave space and you understand awl of this. Even though it pretty much sucks to miss the mark, whether from lack of experience, exposure, or knowledge, as I was listening to this track, I was very encouraged. So be prepared, cause y'all about to get all of this #blackgirlmagic!

If you're going through something friends, here's my message to you....

Don't stop believing! You got this!

Stay up, and always Blessed


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