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Firmly Rooted

Hi friends,

I hope you've enjoyed a productive week or so. Today, we hosted a departmental holiday gathering to celebrate our accomplishments, let our hair down, and relax. Apart of this event included comedy as entertainment. I was so appreciative of the comedian's theme, "What are you thankful for?". He opened by sharing his personal thanks, with of course, a comedic twist, and then proceeded to float the mic to willing and unwilling participants on our team, posing the same question. After hearing the thanks which turned into testimony from many and/or most of the team; I realized how grateful I am to be apart of such a great work. Sure, we have challenges and room for improvement, but what I recognized was, each individual represented a seed, and another thing I noticed after listening to each story of thanks, was our soil (environment) is fertile and just right for harvest. As the mic approached me, I simply gave thanks for peace and growth despite whatever circumstances arise. I am thankful that He abides in me and I can abide in His presence.

This thanksgiving; I wish you immeasurable peace, abundance, and joy in all things.

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