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But Do You Really Believe Tho ....

It is DECEMBER and I cannot believe it! Friends, we have 31 days, until the start of a new decade. Like whaaattttt?!!! Around this time every year, I start thinking about what I set out to accomplish, where I missed the mark, and I begin creating my plan for the year. This season, however; I've felt a slight shift. Correction - MAJOR shift in perspective. This revelation arrived in planning my 2020 goals. Normally I'm very SMART goal oriented, but I found myself thinking about things that require a deeper dive. Most of the things I desire require me to truly soul search and I found myself asking myself, "But do you really believe though?".

If you don't know I am a very spiritual person. I was raised in church, I'm a PK (preacher's kid) and really most of my life has revolved around an evolving relationship with the Lord (That's who I believe in - smile). Sure I've had my ups and downs, and never would I claim perfection, but I do know that He has saved me from myself over and over again. And even with the abundance of grace and mercy, I still find myself hesitant when it comes to His promises and calling over my life. Now, if this isn't for you .... cool, Exit stage left and there are never hard feelings, but I will admit that I doubt myself quite often. I am afraid quite often, and I am reluctant to move quite often. But what would happen if I really believed that I am walking in His blessings that were prepared for me, even before I was created? How would I approach life if I really began to believe that He has already cleared the path, really He made the path for me? Ya'll I've pondered this for days and I was shook, apologetic, reassured, and rejuvenated.

Most of the time we ..... or maybe it's just me, so I will speak for myself. Most of the time I allow others to determine the cans & cannots without really believing that what He has for me is for me. People are just that - people. I am not devaluing people, but I do believe that we are (or at least should be) instruments to carry out His will. I also understand that we are fighting against things not of this world Ephesians 6:12 and people can get caught up on the other side as well. But the sweet hope of it all is that if I believe for real, for real .... everything He promised is done. He cannot lie. He is real. Let's believe friends!

Happy December :-)

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